Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello Crazy's!!!!


Hi there Crazy's.. welcome to my blog. This is typically my everyday life and whatever happen. 

I don't know where to start on describing this page. I love travelling but unfortunately I can't afford to travel much since I have no job (yet) and going to study Culinary. My Class will start on August, that will be actually the most time I can blog since I have something I can put my mind into. BUT for now please bear with me on my grammar and spellings. *laughs*. I also started this blog earlier than expected because I need to put my mind into something. :) 

I might also blog my previous travels, well re-blog I have a blog before but unfortunately I couldn't access it anymore. I also like to experiments in cooking, I will post some of my experiments and how to cook it. Thankfully it taste good *laughs* or its edible. Someday I might do some D.I.Y. I want to make a stuff minions of Despicable Me. So in short I will blog anything I have done for the day or for the week. 

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