Saturday, May 18, 2013

Remixes and Music

HI Crazy's!!!!

Today is I AM SICK really, I stayed in my bed the whole day except when I ate lunch :).

What's new today? Hmmm let see I chatted with my friend today and he gave me this WONDERFUL link for music lovers, music remixes, and if you just want to chill. < this is the link and since my friend send it to me I was like listening to remixes of other people, and its quite nice and relaxing. If you want to get out and want to hear new music just click the link. :)

as of now i'm currently listening to this remix: (reggae) :)

I've also done some listening at Youtube. Well Youtube if really common but hey! they have all kinds of music aswell some of them have lyrics so you can sing your heart out join the singer. *laughs* My taste of music is actually jazz, RnB, and bossa nova if I want to relax but the two links I gave you is just wonderful.

Well I need to go back at resting.. :) Good night Crazy's! Please don't forget to like and share :) thanks....

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