Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Avid Reader


Are you an avid reader like me? who really like reading books even it takes them the whole day reading, they really don't mind as long as they have a good book in hand? well I guess you will love this store, I actually just realized this few days ago that I can buy good books in a very cheap price, yeah it maybe second hand but hey a good book will always be a good book even how old it is.

I also enjoy buying my cookbooks and self help guide here in booksale because it is really cheap from the original price ranging from 2,000Php you can buy it less than 500Php. I even bought a book for only 50php hahaha isn't cheap! and I really enjoy browsing and checking their books. 

Here is some of the books I bought just this week and I only spend 420 for everything. <3

You can check their website here > Booksale, I can assure you that you will love this store as much as I do. :) <3


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